Ancient Battle: Rome App Reviews

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Awesome, but needs something

May I suggest a custom battle area of the game? Set up different units on both (or more) sides in a map, and then play as a faction of choice.

Incredibly frustrating

Simple stuff like not being able to flank unless you have a giant free area, veteran units still getting wiped by non vet units, basic stuff that you should be able to use to win fights is poorly or not implemented. Especially the flanking is horrible. The whole concept of the Roman cohort was to allow units to be flexible and take advantage of opportunity but in this game you need a square mile of empty space to maneuver. Musket smoke got it right this game is just frustrating.


Excellent turn-based tactical game: user-friendly controls, simple game play, & lots of fun.

Historical accuracy?

One of the scenario introduction: "Caesar was poised to attack Gergovia, now known as Paris". Wow! So long for history and geography. Too bad for this kind of game, it gives a poor impression of historical research done by the authors. Still, a quick and entertaining game for the iPad.

Best Hunted Cow title yet

Of all of the hex based wargames Hunted Cow has produced this is the best yet. The engine they use is perfect for this type of battle and the scenarios and AI are much better than previous games. Their WWII titles have been a bit if a disappointment but this game more than makes up for it. Great graphics and sound effects as well and the hordes of barbarians rushing at your Roman troops makes for a great game experience

Great Strategy Game

Awesome game.... I was hoping to see more of these historically based games. The graphics are a bit low but overall Im enjoying the game.

good game to play

there are hundreds of strategy games dealing with wwii. this one here is unique. fun to slaughter the enemies of the roman empire without using tanks or fighter planes. hopefully there will be more games like this one. what about the old greeks ? on to battle.....


Enjoyable, as are the other Hunted Cow games. Want some more; perhaps more challenging too.

Well made with enough history to keep it interesting

A great turn based experience

Hours of fun

Easy to pick up, lots of depth. Very re playable.

Very good

Great historically based game. And hard!

Ancient Battle: Rome

Great Apps. Sadly not as extensive as I had hoped. The in-app purchases of new scenarios seem a bit pricey, but offer even more great fun!

Great game

I love all the hunted cow games but this was not my fav. A bit disappointed as i was a huge rome: total war fan. I found some of the units rather useless like archers and elephants. Its a good game, worth a play, but tank battle and civil war were more fun for me.

Great game!

If you like total war this game is for you! Strategic, and difficult. Would be cool if you could build units for battles. I didnt rate it five stars because after you make the purchase and finish the first two campaigns you have to pay for the otherones. Lame. Otherwise good game.

Annoyed by in app purchases

The game isnt bad, but the initial purchase only yields 2 starter campaigns, then you need to purchase to progress.

Good games

Really good game. Challenging. Fun.

Great game

Very nice turn-based tactical game. Seems to come with 2 campaigns, with a few more that can be purchased for a dollar each. Yes, it would be nice to have full access to the game at a single cost, but considering each campaign consists of multiple battles with a total of (for me) about 5 - 10 hours of game time each, this is not a bad value. Especially considering each individual battle has a different feel with a unique order of battle and map. Definitely worth the $$ if like me, you like wargames and war - themed strategy games. On the other hand, if youre looking for an action or arcade game, or otherwise find turn-based games too slow, its probably best to look elsewhere. For me, this is 10 tones of fun. One of my better app purchases.

Would be nice if it were winnable.

You can only lose so many times before you give up and resolve to NEVER buy a game from these guys again. If only they had a clue about ancient combat. I mean come on! Skirmishers outrunning cavalry? It would be funny if I hadnt wasted money on it. Last purchase from them ever.

Ancient battles

Fun to play. Cant take it too seriously.

Get it!

This game is amazing. I highly recommend it! And most battles are spot on historically! Please get more maps involved!!! Senatus Populusque Romanus!

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